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Nexdynamic Ltd is a software and web development company. Established in 2012, we have worked with clients from industries including international telecoms, automotive engineering and service delivery, providing technological solutions to streamline businesses. We began development of the Squeegee Platform in 2016 after identifying a gap in the market for SMEs in the cleaning industry for appointments based businesses. A basic version of Squeegee App first launched in 2017 allowing small businesses who were previously priced out of the market, to access innovative and easy to use technology, reducing admin time and and improving efficiency. Since that first launch, Squeegee App's user base has grown exponentially, in line with the growth of the number of features in the software. 

Today, Squeegee is used by thousands of businesses with registered users in more than 130 countries. It's easy for workers to use on any mobile device with real time updates so administrators can keep on top of the daily transactions and end-to-end management of the entire business; from adding new prospective clients and sending quotes, to managing accounts, all in one place. We've adopted a season based development approach, to focus on the regular delivery of the highest priority features meeting the needs of our users and allowing their businesses to grow. 

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The Dairy,
Brockhampton Offices,
United Kingdom

Website: https://squeeg.ee

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