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Medisanitize is a vibrant, inventive brand at the forefront of infection prevention technologies. We offer expertise and marketing of new infection prevention products, as well as the offering of excellent aftercare service. We are a member of Made in Britain members, and our company is registered as ISO19001, ISO14001, ISO 13485, Peninsula Partner, IPS, FPA and all the products are as per EU standard.

At Medisanitize, we aim to provide infection prevention solutions that are as effective and efficient as possible. We believe in finding small but meaningful ways to improve lives—now and for every generation to come. We excel at what we do, providing high-quality service and goods both internally and internationally, our vision is to maintain our globe and economy population safe and hygiene, whilst establishing our corporate moral responsibilities and maintaining long-term development across our brand. Our mission is to continue collaborating with our supplier and customers in order to have a better understanding of all areas in our distribution network.

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Richard Aston

United Kingdom


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