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Born in 2018 iRecycle was formed with a single vision, change for better. Tackling how waste is transported out of London initially, iRecycle introduced waste by water using barges to transfer large quantities of commercial waste along the Regents & Grand Union canal before it is treated for recycling & waste to energy. This old but innovative method has removed 730 truck movements off London’s roads over a 24 month period even with COVID 19.

Our Road & Water service, ensures that clients whose premises are not located adjacent to the waterways can still access our specialised services. We provide caged & HGV vehicles, to collect waste from inland operations and transport it where possible back to our barges or directly by road to one of London’s largest state of the art sustainable recycling facility in the shortest journey possible. We are committed to the mitigation of road travel, reduction of carbon footprint & aligned with all of our partners with a Zero Landfill policy. 

We are enormously proud that 45% of our operations team have been employed via homeless charities advocating enhanced ethical employment by working with charities to help the fight on poverty and homelessness, providing significant social value & impact.  

iRecycle’s philosophy of “do the right thing” will continue to evolve, enriching lives & the environment.

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Elliot Lancaster
1 Craven Road
United Kingdom


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