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Goizper, S. Coop.

IK Industrial Sprayers designed to meet the needs of professional sectors

The IK sprayers are especially designed and manufactured with highly resistant seals and materials to be used with the chemical products widely applied in the most demanding professional treatments in: Industry, Cleaning and Disinfection, Construction, Automotive and all industrial workshops. All professional sectors which require efficiency, safety and the maximum performance in their work tools. Depending on the application fields and type of chemical, different solutions are offered, highlighting:

Our product are:

-IK Multi/Multi Pro: Polyvalente, resistant to acids
-IK HC: Oils, Hydrocarbons and solvents
-IK Foam Pro: Dry Foam generation
-IK Alkaline: Oils and solvents
-IK Food: Food compability
-IK Carpet cleaning: Ik carpet and ipholstery cleanning

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Gorka Urbieta
Antigua, 4
Gipuzkoa, Spain

Website: https://www.iksprayers.com

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