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The team behind Fooom Advanced Dispensing has more than 25 years of experience with innovative dispensing solutions and has filed dozens of worldwide patents. The company has now taken a disruptive turn with a completely new line of ground-breaking dispensing products.

The Fooom product family is a fully modular system consisting of a wide range of pump styles, refill options and dispenser enclosures. Tuned to different liquids such as foam, soap, lotions, and disinfectants, the patented Fooom products are hygienic, require very little maintenance and can be refilled in a snap.

All refills and dispenser enclosures are manufactured in advanced automated production lines, assuring the highest-quality products at a very competitive price. Fooom’s modular approach also offers maximum flexibility and enables a fast response to specific customer demands.

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Nino Verstraten
Industrieweg 16


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