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Ecocert Greenlife

ECOCERT Group is a world leader in organic farming certification and draws on an international network to develop a local approach with 26 operating countries covering 130 countries of intervention close to clients.

The lack of a sufficiently strict standard in the detergents’ sector is an issue that ECOCERT Greenlife has chosen to respond by creating in 2006 a standard fostering detergents containing ingredients from natural/organic origin, free from petrochemical surfactants and without phosphates. Today, more than 2100 cleaning products are ECOCERT certified.

ECOCERT certifies products following the "Natural Detergents and Natural Detergents made with Organic Ingredients” standard created in 2006 in conjunction with all stakeholders in the value chain.

The aim is to define a high level of requirements by promoting the use of natural ingredients and to guarantee environmentally friendly practices are implemented by manufacturers. ECOCERT is accredited by the French Accreditation Committee following the ISO 17065 norm for this standard.

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