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Eco Friendly Umbrella Dryer, MORRIS&CO

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Eco Friendly Umbrella Dryer, MORRIS&CO

Hello. I'm Vincent Jung(President of MORRIS&CO CO.,LTD.) from South Korea.

I manufactured the umbrella dryer instead of using umbrella wrapper in Korea.

The umbrella dryer is almost permanent, and so once you have the dryer, you don't have to buy wrappers every rainy days. It is more effective, economical, and Eco-friendly to have umbrella dryers by just rubbing and shaking the umbrella.

Most of our customers are big offices like public institution and big market in Korea. Moreover, the umbrella dryers got interests from overseas countries.

The umbrella dryer video link is following.


Environmental friendly wet umbrella dryer. 

Solution for millions of buried and burned plastic wrap, cost to clean-up and dispose. 

Currently installed in City hall of major cities in Korea and large complex buildings with floating population in Korea.

Cost reduction from wasted plastic bags and excellent to present Eco awareness for place such as Hotels, Library, Subway, City Halls, Department, etc.     


- Simple forward and backward or up and down action will dry your wet umbrella.

- Enhanced wet pads fabric and magnetic

- Easy to install and portable

- Quick to replace and clean 

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1F, 66 Gangnamdaero 95gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Korea, Republic of


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