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Launched in 2016 by Biological Preparations, BioHygiene has helped over 10,000 businesses reduce their environmental impact by transitioning from harmful, non-renewable, traditional cleaning technologies to innovative, cost-effective products designed to meet the needs and demands of the modern world.

We believe that you don’t need to compromise on quality or cost to be sustainable – that Eco and Biotech-based cleaning can be more effective, efficient, and easier to use than traditional chemical products.

Our market-leading cleaning products harness the power of microbes, enzymes and natural plant derivatives that work deep into surfaces to quickly break down and remove dirt, grime and grease.

Free from hazardous toxins, our enriched formulas combat odours directly at the source and keeps them at bay long after application.

With powerful, long-lasting, residual cleaning action, our multi-purpose technology helps extend product performance, whilst our PCR and FSC packaging works to reduce pollution and sustain the environment.

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