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Airpole Ltd

New to the External Cleaning Equipment Market and a World First appearing at the Cleaning Show 2019.

The Airpole® 'Reach and Blow®' System  attaches to your own window cleaning pole and uses compressed air.

The  'Reach and Blow®' system does 2 things incredibly well: 

1. It cleans moss off roofs, even delicate fragile roofs, without you having to step on the roof – a dry system -  a completely new approach to cleaning roofs. 

2. It enables you to clear gutters from the ground  up past 65 feet. 

The gutter clearing is aided by our patent pending Tabglove® which holds an 8 inch HD tablet to the back of your hand allowing you to have both hands on your pole whilst being able to view the inside of the gutter, even at 65 plus feet, via the HD camera attached to the 'Reach and Blow®' gooseneck.

The system works on all terrain, is truly independent, needs no electricity and is quick to set up and get to work.

The system fits into virtually any size van and is a perfect add on for window and external cleaners.

It is the perfect partner for Softwashing.

The Airpole® 'Reach and Blow®' System is a new approach to safely clean roofs and clear high gutters.

'You can with the Airpole®.'

See us on stand A17 to see the system / book a demo / place your order.

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Bruce Barrons
38 Hillcrest Road,
United Kingdom


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