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2Pure Products is the manufacturer of the patented ALL surface cleaner and odour eliminator OdorBac Tec4. 

Using OdorBac means that not only you can use just one product to clean an entire facility, you can also surpass your quality, safety and environmental targets while doing so. OdorBac is not hazardous even in concentrated format and is 100% biodegradable yet is very powerful and can be used as a trouble shooter as well as a routine cleaner on any surface. It is effective against coronavirus.

2021 has seen 2Pure increase its focus on the environment. It has switched all it's plastics to 100% recycled, deliveries are CO2 neutral and in what is believed to be a first, has launch its plastic closed loop, to aim for ZERO PLASTIC WASTAGE.

Visit 2Pure at the cleaning show to see what OdorBac can do for your business and its profile. As always, we are delighted to offer supported trials to see for yourself the difference OdorBac can make.

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James Law
Eltringham Works, Prudhoe, Northumberland, NE42 6LP
United Kingdom

Website: http://www.2pureproducts.com

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