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Vaclensa Shortlisted for Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards 2018


Vaclensa has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards 2018 for the second year running due to their innovative and professional cleaning machines.

Now part of IPC, Europe's third largest cleaning machine manufacturer, Vaclensa has introduced the CT51 pedestrian scrubber dryer which can only be described as a legion of innovation.  

You can cast your vote by visiting the official award website and follow the instructions.

More than just a battery powered scrubber dryer the CT51 is literally ‘4 machines in 1’ thanks to its revolutionary interchangeable brush heads, and on top of that it features a whole host of innovations to ensure the user is provided with the most effective and efficient cleaning capability possible.

Changing to suit the user’s needs the interchangeable brush heads could not be any simpler to use and the machine can literally be transformed in four easy steps into a single 50 – 55cm disc, a twin 60cm disc, a twin 70cm disc, or a 55cm roller.

The innovative design of the adjustable and ergonomic handle allows the user to comfortably push / pull the operating lever from any position, and offers full machine control thanks to a state-of-the-art central control knob to access and choose their required settings.  In the centre, the bright 3 inch LCD graphic display shows all the necessary information including battery life, operator program, waterflow level, brush pressure, maximum set speed, and alarm messages.

Bringing together a number of additional innovation technology the CT51 features Advanced Noise Control to lower noise levels down to 54dB, EcoSelect to decrease energy consumption and increase running time up to 20%, DBL technology to optimise charging cycles, and the Self Levelling System to deliver greater cleaning performance by fully adapting brushes across uneven floors.

In addition to constantly delivering innovation through their product line, Vaclensa are also renowned for their first class service capabilities, operating a fleet of 60+ service engineers and technicians across the UK.


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