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Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword in the cleaning industry, but rather the driving force behind a radical number of industry changes. With government-led targets seeing emissions being reduced by 50% before 2030 and to Net Zero by 2050, now is the time to adapt to new customer demands and take the lead in going green.

Yet for many companies, it is striking the balance between ‘sustainable’ and ‘effective’ that is the challenge – and with an overwhelming array of sustainable cleaning solutions available, it can be difficult to understand just what it is your organisation needs.

Arrow County Supplies, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of cleaning and janitorial equipment, is committed to helping their customers develop more sustainable working practice – and what’s more, offering alternatives that aren’t just greener, but also more effective than their traditional cleaning counterparts.

Take their Quick & Easy system: an exciting new portable dosing sprayhead that gives instant, automatic chemical dosing with every spray – eliminating manual dosing and chemical waste.

Cradle to Cradle GOLD accredited, Quick & Easy represents a new standard of environmental sustainability that doesn’t simply remove harm to the environment but eliminates it. Every aspect of the product, from sourcing to disposal, is 100% eco-friendly, providing you with tangible savings to carbon, plastic, and crude oil.

And it’s not just sustainable.

CLP-free in application, the system ensures that there is no risk of chemical inhalation, no need for COSHH training and no risk to cleaning staff. With 6 multipurpose chemical concentrates available (each tailored to a specific area), the one system can be used across your entire facility – and, thanks to our handy Quick & Easy cleaning belt – can be carried with you as you clean, improving user efficiency, and saving cleaning time and spend.

Quick & Easy’s unique trigger system means chemicals are automatically dosed every time the trigger is pressed, meaning each spray is exactly and accurately dosed. The closed system means no chemical is wasted (no need to throw away unused, diluted chemicals) and, thanks to the sprayhead’s built-in water cartridge, can be refilled anywhere – eliminating unnecessary trips to central dosing stations and allowing true on the go cleaning.

A recent trial as part of a joint sustainability project with BAM (a nationwide facilities management company) highlighted the impact that Quick & Easy has across cleaning routines, reducing chemical range by 80%, chemical costs by 39% and saving the equivalent of 1.9kg fossil resources per kg plastics used – with one operative commenting:

“The automatic dosing mechanism made everything so much easier. One cartridge lasted our team for more than eight weeks”

As a company, we’re excited to introduce this product to a wider market, working with cleaning professionals to drive a more sustainable approach to business.

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