Get 6 Month Antimicrobial Surface Protection With Zonitise

Cleanliness has always been important, but now - post-pandemic - cleaning is part of a business’s survival strategy. But with cleaning times and procedures taking up increasing amounts of time, it's time to shift tactics and not just clean harder, but smarter.

Enter Zonitise: the UK's first antimicrobial coating offering over 6 weeks protection against pathogens including SARS COV 2, MRSA and norovirus.

Zonitise Protect is a UK manufactured, ready-to-use antimicrobial coating offering constant 60-day antimicrobial surface protection. It’s a product revolutionizing infection control processes in facilities nationwide, offering guaranteed protection against harmful antimicrobials including SARS COV 2, MRSA and Norovirus.

While traditional cleaning approaches are only effective for a moment, or until the next contaminant touches the surface, Zonitise utilize cutting edge antimicrobial technology to leave surfaces constantly self-sanitising. It’s best described as a bed of microscopic pins: invisible to sight, impossible to feel, but lethal for microorganisms.

To achieve the same level of protection that Zonitise provides, you’d need to be physically sanitising every 10 minutes – or 144 times every day – improving surface hygiene levels by more than 90% compared to traditional disinfecting approaches.

It’s time to create your new normal. Visit Arrow at Stand D25 to find out how.

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