Discover SOLAR: Our smart, solar powered trolley system

Discover SOLAR: the latest addition to our trolley range.

Leading the way in sustainable cleaning is our SOLAR trolley system, using solar power from natural and artifical light to power an integrated, smart dosing system - reducing water, detergent and eletricty consumption by 50%.

SOLAR is more than 'just' a cleaning trolley. Featuring an innovative central storage compartment, hidden colour-coded buckets, integrated waste disposal and storing over 15L of detergent solution, our SOLAR system takes modular design to the next level - providing you with the ultimate, all-in-one cleaning solution.

Manufactured to ISO:10021 standards and made with over 90% recycled plastic, our zero-impact SOLAR trolley meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability. The two in-built solar panels use both artificial and natural light to support over 30% battery life, reducing charging time and energy use. Energy collected from these is used to power the trolley's 5 programmable dispensing pumps - allowing you to preschedule and dispense exact amounts of cleaning solution to your floor - when and where you need it.

SOLAR launches at the London Cleaning Show: visit Arrow at Stand D25 to find out more!

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