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Case study: TemcoUK Facility Services - Partnership approach is key to cleaning success

As a long-established professional contract cleaning company and facilities solutions provider, TemcoUK Facility Services has an impressive blue-chip client list.

Its services range from daily office cleaning to more specialist areas, including pharmaceutical and industrial cleaning, washroom services and pest control.

One of its key offerings is waste management and recycling and, to deliver these services, Temco works with Grundon Waste Management.

Indeed, the relationship is so successful that Grundon even manages waste at Temco’s own head office in Uxbridge.

Temco Director, Fiona Philpot, says the two companies have a strong partnership approach and share the same business ethos.

“Our clients are prestigious, large corporate businesses and they want to work with professional services providers who are the best at their job - and that’s where Grundon ticks all the boxes for us,” said Fiona.

“Businesses today need and want to be able to display their environmental credentials, they demand to know what is happening to their waste and they want to be reassured that it is being managed in a correct and compliant fashion.

“As experts in their field, Grundon provides that reassurance and is very proactive, for example, making suggestions which will help clients boost their recycling and reduce waste, and they are also very good at sharing advice and support.”

Grundon is also able to provide monthly reports to Temco, enabling it to share such success stories as the number of trees saved, the amount of CO2 saved, and the amount of power generated as a result of the recycling measures introduced for clients.

When Grundon starts working with a new client, its team first undertakes a waste audit to identify the different types of waste on site. Once this has happened, improvements are likely to include the introduction of new mixed recycling and general waste containers to help improve segregation of a variety of waste streams.

By segregating out waste, clients can boost their recycling figures and also cut their amount of heavier general waste, potentially helping to cut costs.

The fact Grundon owns a range of treatment facilities enables it to offer specialist waste management services, including clinical waste disposal.

Sam Eastwood, from Grundon’s sales team, looks after the Temco account, and says: “The disposal of clinical and offensive waste is a very specialist area and we have been pleased to be able to offer a solution which guarantees 100% compliance with the necessary rules and regulations for this type of waste.

“We are always happy to talk to both the Temco team and with their clients to give advice on different waste streams to ensure all items receive the correct treatment process. We have an excellent working relationship and look forward to continuing to share our expertise in the future.”

Other types of waste disposal handled by Grundon include the shredding of confidential waste, installation of skips for the removal of bulky waste, the removal of unwanted wooden pallets, hazardous waste removal, and the installation of on-site baling and compacting equipment.

Grundon’s treatment options include its own Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, where general waste is diverted from landfill and used to generate electricity for export to the National Grid; and its Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs), where mixed recycling - mainly paper, plastics and cans - is sorted and sent for onward reprocessing and recycling.

Grundon can also deal with more specialist types of waste, including hazardous waste, clinical and healthcare waste, and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
In a further bonus for Temco’s clients, Grundon’s fleet of waste collection vehicles is completely CarbonNeutral®, meaning collections do not add to a client’s own carbon footprint.

“Innovative programmes like this demonstrate to both ourselves and our clients that Grundon is a forward-thinking business that really cares about the difference it can help make to the environment, and we are pleased and proud to be able to call them our waste partner,” concluded Fiona.

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