Innovation Showcase 2023

The CSSA innovation Showcase is back for 2023 taking place at the London Cleaning show. This event celebrates the cleaning industry's most innovative products, services and initiatives.

Businesses and organisations operating throughout the industry can enter their innovative products, services and initiatives. Preceding to the Innovation Showcase, an Innovator's Pitch with a panel of leading industry experts review and interview all entrants and select those to be exhibited at the Innovation Showcase itself.

Whether you’re an owner of a commercial or industrial cleaning company the event is the perfect opportunity to see ways to optimize your process; increase productivity, improve quality, boost profitability and meet demands for a better environment. The event not only demonstrates that the Cleaning Industry is a driving force for the evolution in the cleaning field, but has the potential to reinvent a wide range of industries via serving social and environmental needs.

If you'd like to take part in the Innovation Showcase it's simple:

  • Open to individuals and organisations
  • There is no predetermined entry format or template
  • All entrants will be invited to present to our panel at the Innovator's Pitch
  • If selected you will be exhibited at the London Cleaning Show 2023

2021 Selected Innovators

Discover examples of the 2021 selected innovators below:

ICE Complete Autonomous Cleaning Range

Autonomous vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and sweepers in various sizes, suitable for a whole host of environments. They are designed to work alongside cleaning teams, allowing operatives to focus on crucial detailed cleaning tasks. ICE also offers a range with water recycling capabilities, offering productivity and sustainability benefits.

NextDynamics Squeegee Advanced

Squeegee is a scheduling app to help manage your business. Keeping your business data online and offline the easy to use tech improves efficiency. Features based on users needs with real time updates so administrators can keep on top of the daily transactions and end-to-end management of the entire business.

Ecobreeze Ecobreeze Smart & Pure

IoT air care solution that provides valuable organisational and operational insights. EcobreezeSmart allows for occupancy monitoring whilst improving indoor air quality, assisting building management via a simple heat map that shows visits by time and day. This, in turn, improves cleaning rotas and allows cost savings.

Softbank Robotics Whiz Cleaning Sweeper

Automatic and cobotic solutions to a range of industries in the EMEA region. Its cobots are designed to support and empower people in their work, removing repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Enable contractors to adopt a smarter, more sustainable approach to service delivery, through technology and agile business models.

Bunzl CHS Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions aim is to support customers in achieving time, cost and carbon savings and improve the overall sustainability of the products they use. Providing a unique product certification tool and carbon forecast by utilising advanced data diagnostics. Carbon offset incentivises the reduction of supply chain emissions.

The criteria for selection is simple: The product, service or initiative must have innovation at its heart.
It must add value to the cleaning and hygiene industry.

​Send your entries to: [email protected]


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